Thank you for your support these past 23 days, I have finally time to thank you and fill you in what happened. As his Spanish insurance refused medivac I eventually guaranteed it, as my dad suffered a stomach perforation in Surabaya hospital. He got medivaced two weeks ago to Gleneagles and immediate surgery he just go a fit to fly form after being there two weeks, he was 3 days in intensive care and we almost lost him.I made the decision in Surabaya to pay for the medicvac my self with global assistance, but eventually the Spanish insurance took responsibility, Gleneagles fixed him up very well. He left this morning under medical escort to Spain first class with SQ. So all good so far. At the same time I want to introduce a friend and colleague a chef at a hotel in Ubud who has a family wife and kid and recommended to change their insurance with you.

I spent quite a while virtually resenting paying my health insurance in Bali...until I suddenly and urgently needed it...and have ever since been thinking it was one of the best things Ive ever done!

After so many years in Bali I was beginning to lose hope in ever seeing a decent level of customer service but dealing with your staff has been very pleasant. It’s common to complain when things don’t go the way we expect but takes a little time to congratulate so please pass this on & congratulations on the obvious level of training you provide to them.

Third Millennia Health are, in my opinion, the best 24hour Insurance company that has the connections and experience to get you evacuated quickly in an emergency...not easy in this country if your company does not have the right level of language fluency and the right numbers on their handphones and the right "connections" in the right places... Plan for the worst then everything else is better...

I would like to thank you for the assistance that you gave me when I broke my kneecap recently. I really don’t know what I would have done had you not resolved the problem that developed because friday morning at 06.00 am Singapore Air did not have a stretcher to put me on. It became an awful situation because after refusing to take me on board even though the evacuation had been agreed, I had to return home on Friday mid morning and the evacuation had to be organised again.

When Singapore air informed us that they had no capacity to take a stretcher on board until Thursday of the next week and no other airline could do the evacuation things started to look really difficult.

I cannot thank you enough for your ongoing efforts that eventually resulted in a Private Air Ambulance being flown in for me on Sunday. I appreciate that this was not medically necessary as I was not in pain, but I did need to have an operation to pull my kneecap back together.

It is this extra care and service that I really appreciate. I don’t think another company would have gone to the lengths you and your company did and this really confirms why so many of us choose to be with your company, you are always there when we need you.

Having lived on 3 different continents simultaneously for the last 30 years, finding the right insurance policy that covers my nomadic lifestyle is difficult to say the least. The Lifestyle can be incompressible to the average person working in the claims department of a large insurance company, even I have a hard time explaining it.I would like to thank Richard Flax for going to bat for me in this regard; thanks to his going the extra mile and explaining the complexities involved and to be given the coverage I needed. This is above and beyond the call of duty.

All I can say is that this aspect of the service they provide really makes a difficult situation easy not something other companies do ! I would also like to thank the company for their understanding and generous support.

They were talking about amputating his leg and I didn't know what to do.My friend had been a passenger on a motor bike driven by a French friend of his and they had a horrific accident. The driver had died and my friend was in a really bad way.He had no health Insurance policy and to my knowledge no massive amounts of money lying around to pay for an Air Ambulance evacuation and a large deposit for a Singapore hospital. So I called Richard Flax, he listened to the story and then said Ok Steve, just do as I tell you and we will sort this out for you. NO amputation he said. He and his team put me in touch with an Air Ambulance company at a far lower price than I had been quoted. Then he explained to me what was needed to make it all happen financially and how a credit card even a gold one would not take a massive hit on a weekend from Indonesia, and what it would take to initiate the evacuation, we brain stormed a solution. The hospital then stabilised his leg (no amputation) so he could fly and then we set about activating the process.

The Air ambulance company worked with us and we managed to organise enough funds to get the plane on the way as swiftly as possible. We got him to Singapore very quickly and he went straight into surgery, the doctors were not sure if they could save his leg and he had to go into surgery a second time the next day. Time was of the essence but they did manage to save his leg.

I can't thank you enough for your sterling advice throughout all of this & my friend will be in touch for sure once he's back on the go. He has a long road ahead but it could of been so much worse of which he is fully aware. Your team were magnificent from start to finish & made a very stressful situation more than comfortable while under extreme pressure.I just wanted to thank you for this service provided entirely without pay or recompense, thank you for your dedication in helping a total stranger, great work guys.

To whomever is listening, this is a testimonial:
I've been in Bali about as long as Richard, and know most of the different insurance choices out there. I highly recommend Richard's plan. It is well priced, but price is not everything. Richard has consistently demonstrated to me and my mates his willingness to get personally involved if something happens to you, including getting up in the middle of the night, making phone calls, pulling all the strings he and his team have at their disposal, and even going to the hospital personally if necessary to make sure the right thing happens. I have a friend who would be dead today if it were not for this extra-mile effort he personally goes through when you need a medical evacuation or other extremely urgent treatment or action. Will the other insurance agents here do that for you? If you don't have insurance, that's your choice. Many think it's "succumbing to fear" to take out insurance. I get that. But consider this: Who IS going to cough up the $ if you are in a real jam? Your friends? Is that fair to them? An emergency medical evacuation to Singapore cost tens of thousands of dollars, and it could be, as in my friends case, what saves your life.